Questions to ask yourself before getting a fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your home adds an excellent touch with extra warmth, comfort, and adding a touch to the overall design of the room. If you don’t already own a fireplace, you may have already thought of purchasing one as cold season is coming through. But before rushing into buying one, consider asking yourself a few questions on the kind of fireplace that you want, and which one will fit you the most.

There is always a fireplace for any budget ranging from a minimum of three digits or more, depending on the kind of fireplace that you prefer. The most expensive type of the fireplace category is the traditional wood-burning fireplace that can cost up to $20,000 as it requires wall expansion for the unit to fit well into the room, along with adding a vent to release the fumes from burning wood. A standard gas fireplace costs towards more than $5,000, about as similar as a traditional fireplace where labor is needed to install the gas fireplace properly. The cheapest option here is the electric fireplace that could cost roughly at $500 and requires little maintenance and is the easiest to set up.

It is important to decide if you have the space to add in a fireplace, or if you have the extra cash to expand the room to create space for a fireplace before starting shopping around for one. A traditional and a gas fireplace requires having a hole cut down from your wall or having the place expanded. Consider choosing an electric fireplace if your options are limited to settling to getting a fireplace that fits within a limited space.

If you have the budget and floor space for a new fireplace, it all goes down to which kind of fireplace you prefer. Breaking down to the three mentioned fireplaces, a gas fireplace is adequate and is able to vent through the side for a while. Traditional fireplaces are more suited to those who prefer the sound of crackling burn and the smell of a warm fireplace. Electric fireplaces are gradually becoming a popular global choice due to their minimal use of floor space, portability, safety, and its beneficial qualities to the environment. As there are different models of electric fireplaces to choose from, choosing the best electric fireplace that is ideal to fit for your home comes in a selection of either a wall mounted, cornered or freestanding electric fireplace is vital to make your home cozy and warm no matter what the size of your room is.