How to Keep the Teens Smoke Free

Teens are very curious to try everything and one thing that they want to innocently try is smoking. It may be an innocent act at first, but it can turn into a long term problem. This is fact as many teens confessed in different teen health boards about how they can get out of their addiction with smoking.

If you find out or you don’t want to let your teen take the first smoke, here are some health for teens tips that will help them avoid it.

Be the example.

This is very effective whether or not you have smoked in your life before. The more effective it is when you have gone through that stage and you want to tell your child about your experience and how you have gotten out of it.

Teen smoking is very common among the youth wherein their parents smoke. When you smoke, you should quit. It will be very difficult to convince your teen to stop smoking when you can’t practice what you preach. The earlier that you stop from smoking, the less likely will your teen engage in smoking. If you are having difficulties in quitting, you can ask your doctor about the ways that you can stop smoking.

While you are in the middle of quitting smoke, do not smoke inside the car, the house or even in front of your teen child. Make sure that you don’t leave any cigarettes where your child might find them. You must explain to your child how unhappy you are when you smoke and how difficult it is to get out of that lifestyle completely. However, you need to try telling them, even if you post your stories in health boards, that you are not going to give up in trying to stop smoking completely.

There are certain cases wherein teens are pressured to smoke just so they can be accepted by their social circle or a way for them to rebel against society. It can be tricky to try to get them out of their habit if this is the case, but you must listen to whatever reasons they tell you. Make sure you are open about their stories, too.